Internet Traffic Modeling for Efficient Network Resource Management

Visiting researcher: Prof. Zhili Sun (University of Surrey)
Host researcher: Prof. Guili He (CATR)
Duration: 2 months
Status: Ongoing

Biography of the visiting researcher

Prof. Zhili Sun (Chair of Communications and Networks), University of Surrey. He got his BSc (Hons) in Mathematics from Nanjing University, China, in 1982, and PhD in Computer Science from Lancaster University in 1991. He was an assistant with Southeast University in China from 1982 to 1985. He worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Telecom Research Group, Queen Mary University of London from 1989 to 1993. He has been with University of Surrey since 1993. He was principal investigator of projects funded by the European EU, EPSRC, ESA and industries in the areas of IP Multicast over satellites, IP based Multimedia Conference over Satellite, IP over DVB-S/RCS, IPv6 over satellite, next generation Internet and secure multicast over satellite. He is currently a principal investigator in the EU FP7 MONET project and UK-China Science Bridge project, and co-investigator in the multi-layer security funded by EADS Astrium UK. He has published over 125 papers in International journals, book chapters and conferences. He has published a book as sole author titled “satellite networking – principles and protocols” by Wiley in 2005, a book as contributing editors of “IP networking over next generation satellite systems” published by Springer in 2008, and contributing editor to revise the 5th edition of the text book “Satellite Communications Systems – systems, techniques and technology” authored by G. Maral and M. Busquet and published by Wiley in December 2009. He acted as technical reviewer of EU framework programmes and EPSRC proposals, and contributed to ITU-T and ETSI in QoS and IP multicast over satellite. He has been general chair and member of technical committees of international conferences and acted as external examiner for PhD viva in many universities in UK, France, Spain, Singapore, Sweden and China. He currently serves as an editor of International Journal of Satellite Communications Policy and Management (IJSCPM) and guest editor of special issue on Green Computing in the Future Generation Computer Systems - The International Journal of Grid Computing and eScience.

Background and motivation

Convergence of telecommunication networks, mobile networks, TV and Internet leads to evolution of all IP networks. Classic communications and Internet traffic modelling and traffic engineering techniques have to follow the trend of the evolution. In the history, traffic modelling and engineering played important role in network operations and long term plan for global communication infrastructure. This implies the trade of capital expenditure and operational expenditure, and efficient utilisation of network resources, as Internet traffic will fluctuate during hours, days, months and years. Further more, communications systems and networks consume about 3% of electric energy globally. Therefore, in addiction to building efficient network infrastructure and cost efficient network operations, accurate modelling of Internet traffic can also help to save electricity by reducing the operational levels of the network resource without degrade the quality of service (QoS) to end users and network applications. Therefore, new traffic models are required for future generation of networks.

Research activities

The proposed research aims to study the Internet traffic and develop novel traffic model for the benefit of development of efficient network infrastructure in the future and cost efficiency and energy efficient network operations.
The main objectives are summarized as follows:
  1. To carry out measurements of current Internet traffic based on classical Internet protocols such as FTP, WWW, and video streaming services, as well as modern Internet applications such as Web service, data centers and cloud computing .
  2. To develop novel traffic models for analysis and simulation studies and algorithms for network resource management.


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